(Translated from polish )

"...Louis Gentile in the title role of "Siegfried" sang this infamous of all tenor roles as if it were written for him personally! Not only managing all the big moments in the opera, but singing Siegfried with an almost uncharacteristic beauty! (the role is usually screamed or shouted) Undoubtedly, one will hear more of this singer!"

 "....Never before have I heard a tenor in this role master the monstrous moments of Wagner's musical masterpiece, as did Louis Gentile in his debut! Everything was there, including a touching character portrayal!"

"A warm voice with baritone quality and ringing high notes! Louis Gentile triumphed in his debut as Siegfried!"

" ... Usually one has to go to Bayreuth to hear the best Wagner interpreters. Not this time. A better Siegfried vocally, dramatically, or visually, would be hard to imagine on any level!"

"Charismatic with the voice of a real God! Louis Gentile in his debut as Siegfried!"